I’m Jen. My story is simple, really. After graduating from Brownsburg High School in 2008, I wasn’t sure who I wanted to be. So, I tried being a waitress.

“Hi, I’m Jen. I’ll be taking care of y—”

“What do you have on draft?”

And so began my five-year career of watching customers suck down their drinks after saying “yeah, we’re ready to order”.

Fast-forward to today: I’m the digital coordinator for WFYI’s Sound Medicine radio show; social media and website writer for The Department of Journalism and Public Relations at IUPUI; and an intern-turned-freelancer for Indianapolis Monthly magazine.

When I’m not creating and editing content for social and digital media, I’m exploring the Indianapolis bar and restaurant scene. Why? As a server-turned-journalist, I understand and appreciate stories behind the industry.


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